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4 Ways to Keep Your Employees Cool This Summer

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Even though summer hasn’t officially hit, the temperature won’t stop rising. Because it’s so hot outside, it can be very hard for your employees to stay productive.

Whether your workplace is indoors or outdoors, hot weather can be unbearable. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your employees cool this summer. Here are some tips for cooling down your worksite.

Keep Them Hydrated
This really easy task can do wonders for your employees. Stock up on water bottles and hand them out to your employees multiple times a day. If your employees get dehydrated, their body can overheat, causing them to go into heat stroke. Heat stroke is one of three heat-related syndromes, with heat cramps being the mildest and heat exhaustion sitting in the middle. If you notice that an employee is red, has dry skin, a strong pulse, and is dizzy, make sure they’re pumping water into their bodies rapidly. Plain water may get boring for many people, so offer your office flavored shots to spice things up a little bit.

Use Portable Air Conditioner Rentals
Portable air conditioner rentals can be extremely useful in the workplace. Especially if the workplace is constantly moving. Portable air conditioner rentals will administer a lot of cold air to a specific location. You can pick up a few rental air conditioners for each room of your office so you don’t have to rely on everyone crowding around one. The HVAC rental group you choose for your summer needs can also be used to acquire rental heaters or temporary heating units in the winter.

Offer Cool Snacks
If your office is a fun space, make it even more enjoyable with a weekly ice cream social. Bringing your team together every week to indulge in a sweet treat will not only cool them down, but also give you a chance to get everyone together. You can use this time to talk about things going on within the company or offer recognition to employees going above and beyond.

Host a Day of Water Activities
Along with the cool snacks, you can host an afternoon full of water activities. Plan this event a week in advance so you can choose the hottest day of the work week. Bring everyone together for some team bonding and water balloon tosses. You can make it competitive and offer the winning team a two hour lunch instead of one that’s only an hour long.

Keeping your employees cool is the key to their productivity. So if you want to run a successful business this summer, then keep your workers hydrated, invest in an air conditioning rental until, and offer them frozen treats.

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