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Can Your Employees Take the Cold?

temporary heatingOSHA has set standards for both minimum and maximum temperatures for all indoor businesses. When your employees’ workspace is in need of temporary heating solutions it is time to check out propane heater rentals and other temporary heating selections for construction.

Keeping your team warm leads to smooth production.

Rental heaters can be your friend. Employees that are comfortable in their environment are able to address tasks without the hindering of cumbersome gloves or multiple layers of sweaters. Distracted workers become a liability to products as drinks are knocked over or constant thoughts of hurrying back to the heater impede progress.

Calculating the cubic feet that need to be heated is critical in the selection of the correct rental heaters. A quick multiplication of length of wall, width of room, and ceiling height provides the answer quickly. Now, the shopping for the style that provides the right amount of heat for the space is easy to complete. Temporary heating solutions are at your fingertips.

Use your thermostat wisely.

Count on the controls to automatically turn off the heater when the room reaches the ideal work productive temperature. Using tape and plastic to prevent drafts assists in heating the surroundings. When working in a construction site trailer office, consider adding an entrance area to prevent the outside air from rushing into the perfect climate of the actual work space provided through the temporary rental heating.

One of the same tools utilized to cool off the work environment can be of benefit to keep it warm. Reversing ceiling fan blades to counter-clockwise pulls down the rising hot air providing a much warmer situation. When the fan is kept on the slow speed with the airflow downward, the thermostat in the room can often be set nearly 5 degrees lower.

Remember that when the temperatures outside reverses and the heat rises, employers must strive to lower both the humidity and the heat. Both dehumidifier rentals and portable air conditioner rentals are excellent solutions to beat the heat.

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