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Getting The Most Out Of Your Construction Site Heating Solution

tent heater rental

Temporary heating for construction jobs is absolutely necessary if you’re performing work during the winter months; they keep materials (such as paint or putty) from freezing overnight, thaw the ground and allow concrete to cure, and — most importantly — keep your workers healthy and happy. Finding reliable rental heaters is an easy enough job, but making sure you’re getting enough bang for your buck can be a bit trickier. Here are three ways you can get the most out of your temporary heating solutions.


  • Use the best heater for the job site. Consider what your main goal is for the job. If your main focus is the curing of concrete, a ground heater will most likely be the most efficient option for you; if you’re trying to keep the air clean and dry, an indirect fired heater is the best choice; if you simply want to keep the site at a certain temperature for comfort (which boosts your workers’ efficiency), direct fired heaters like propane heater rentals are the right fit for the job. If you’re unsure about your decision, you can always ask your temporary heating sales representative for specification.


  • Consider the layout of the site. Heat rises, so placing your heaters as close to your construction site’s base as possible can ensure that
  • all the areas above it are also suitably warmed; this includes keeping the heaters away from staircases, doorways, and elevators to prevent warmth from escaping.https://heatmyjob.com/our-services/temporary-heating/https://heatmyjob.com/equipment-rental/heaters/


  • Insulate the workspace as best as possible. Properly insulating an area in a construction site can prove difficult, but the savings are always worth the effort. Consider securing poly over windows, plywood, and any other open spaces around the site — you can even tent the entire open workspace if necessary. Additionally, reducing the number of times (and the length of time) that the doors are held open can keep the heat inside, right where you want it.


Though there are no OSHA temperature control standards for businesses that operate outdoors, finding the proper HVAC rental and utilizing it in the best way possible can boost morale while reducing costs; both your workers and your wallet will thank you.

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