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Happy Employees, Happy Business


A successful business is a little like a successful marriage: a relationship exists between the business owner and its employees, but the fundamentals are the same. If you want your business to thrive, you need your employees to thrive — keep them happy and focused and you’ll see the benefits as your business takes off, especially in the construction field.

Physical Comfort Matters

Construction is a notoriously uncomfortable job. You don’t need to go out and personally buy each of your workers an air conditioner, but setting up an enclosure with a rental air conditioner for those unbearably hot, outdoor summer projects can make a world of difference. Not only will this help prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke, but your employees will be incredibly grateful for a reprieve from the oppressive afternoon sun and sweltering heat.

Temporary cooling units in the summer and temporary heating units (or rental heaters) in the winter can guarantee that the productivity and quality of the work stays at a constant high. By offering small breaks in much more comfortable environments, your workers won’t need to struggle to get through the day, and they certainly won’t feel unappreciated. When working on indoor projects, make sure a dehumidifier is present — not only do dehumidifiers reduce debilitating allergens (which can run absolutely rampant in the spring and summer), they also filter pollutants out of the air. Studies have shown that improved indoor air quality can increase performance in the workplace by 6% to 9%, a number that is worth the investment.

Words, Words, Words

Don’t take for granted the importance of the spoken word. Whether it’s listening to an employee’s frustration or offering praise on a job well done, taking the time to speak with your workers will always make a positive difference. They’ll feel heard and appreciated, and will be more inclined to work harder for a boss they trust. Encouraging good behavior is as necessary as correcting wrong behavior — compliment a job done with a high level of skill, and highlight what could’ve been done better when one is lacking.

From dehumidifiers and rental AC units to general generosity, there is always something you, as a business owner, can be doing to keep your workforce happy. When people care about their jobs, they work harder at them!

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