How Air Quality Can Impact People and How They Feel

Indoor air quality can greatly affect health. According to the EPA, indoor air can be about 1000 times more contaminated than outdoor air. Research by the National Center for Biotechnology found improving indoor air quality can improve workplace health, productivity, and performance by 6-9%. A dehumidifier rental can help to improve indoor air quality.

Health Problems Associated With Poor Indoor Air Quality

A list of health concerns can be triggered by poor indoor air quality. There are some symptoms that poor indoor air quality can cause that may be attributed to other causes. For example, eye irritation, frequent reports of headaches, sinus congestion, and in severe cases, an asthma attack. Poor indoor air quality can upset the workflow and production in your facility. It can impact work attendance. The health of your employees or family should always be a priority. Improving indoor air quality can be an easy step to take.

How Can A Dehumidifier Help?

A dehumidifier rental can help to improve indoor air quality by removing moisture from the air. Allergens and other particles “piggyback” on the moisture in the air. You eliminate the contaminants from the air by eliminating some of the moisture with a dehumidifier. Humid air makes the air feel heavier because it is heavier. Anyone that suffers from respiratory problems like asthma is at risk of triggering an attack in humid conditions.

Additionally, humid conditions are ideal for mold and mildew growth. Reducing the humidity with the dehumidifier rental will reduce the risk of mold and mildew overgrowth, which can impact both health and the property.

An Added Bonus

While health is always the first priority, there is an added bonus that comes with a dehumidifier rental. A dehumidifier can lower your energy bills. By removing some of the excess humidity from the indoor air, your heating and cooling system does not have to work quite as hard. There are many benefits to improving the indoor air of your workplace or home. Renting a dehumidifier is easy to get the necessary equipment without making a large out-of-pocket investment.

Improving indoor air is easy when you have access to a dehumidifier rental. Improve your indoor air by calling Total Construction Rentals today and reserving your dehumidifier.

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