How To Choose The Best Rental Heaters For Your Construction Site

Regardless of the prevailing weather conditions, construction projects must remain on schedule. It may not be an easy feat to achieve with outdoor temperatures hitting the subzero levels. The extreme cold may affect the materials used for construction as well as reduce worker productivity.

The frigid winter nights make it impossible to wear enough layers of cloth and still work effectively. That’s where temporary heating for construction comes in. Rental heaters will warm the worksite. They help protect your workers as well as your construction material.

How will you know the best temporary heating solution for your site, you may ask? Here are six to help you choose the best rental heaters.

1. Determine Your Heating Needs

The first step will be to determine the role of the rental heater. Do you wish to prevent frost damage to your construction project? Are you looking to keep your employees comfortable as they work on-site? Understanding the size of the warming station will help you decide what type of heater you need.

2. Fuel-Powered Vs. Electric Models

There are different options available, including propane, natural gas, diesel, and electric heaters. Electric models produce clean, dry heat and are usually silent. Their no exhaust characteristic makes them suitable for indoor use. Fuel-powered units are typically direct-fired and are mostly used outdoors. The warm air can be directed indoors through vents passing through windows or doors.

3. Safety

You must ensure you apply all safety measures while handling the temporary heating equipment within your construction project. Make sure that the staff understands how the machine works and how to handle it according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The heater ought to protect your workers from the extreme cold, allowing them to focus on the job at hand. Hypothermia usually kicks in when the body’s temperature drops below 95 degrees.

4. Regulation

All temporary heating solutions must follow the set county or city regulations. Some states may require permits for certain heater models. Check with your local fire marshal to ensure that you comply with rules dictating the use of propane heater rentals. Some sites may have noise limitations, requiring that you soundproof the warming site.

5. Ventilation

Fuel-powered models may produce a lot of exhaust, making it necessary to ensure adequate ventilation within the workspace. The carbon dioxide produced may cause carbonation of concrete, weakening your building structure. It is essential to understand the machine rating, whether for indoor or outdoor use. You may require controlled ventilation systems when working with exhaust-producing heaters.

6. Budget

Most construction project managers tend to get the price estimation wrong. They choose the cheapest rental heater, without keeping in mind other factors that affect the total renting cost. Saving a few dollars on the rental fee, which represents 5-10% of the total, may not necessarily translate to saving money through the winter period. Usually, operational costs take between 80-85% of the total cost of the rental heaters. Therefore, choosing a more efficient model that might be more expensive when renting over a cheaper rental is usually the better option.

Temporary heating is much more than just renting any standalone heater. A lot of thought should go to the unit model, its purpose, safety concerns, and the cost of operating the heater. For more information about heater rentals for your construction project, contact Total Construction Rentals.

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