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Misconceptions Project Managers Need to Know About Renting an HVAC System

Being a project manager has a long list of responsibilities. You are in charge of overseeing nearly every part of the production, and it can certainly get overwhelming. Making difficult decisions is part of the job. However, deciding between renting and buying equipment should not be too difficult of a choice. There are many benefits to renting, and it can save you and your company a pretty penny. When you start your next project, consider rental services as a way to keep heat levels and the price of construction low.

So to clear any doubt in your head, here are a few misconceptions regarding renting versus buying that you should know about.

The rates on HVAC rentals or a rental air conditioner is out of my budget

When renting various pieces of equipment, it makes sense to keep your budget in mind. Initially, you may think that paying the every day rental rates for an HVAC rental may be too expensive and will not add up in your favor.

However, you’ll be glad to learn that HVAC rentals are a cost-effective solution for your long or short term construction project. Renting takes many factors into consideration. The construction dates, the area that needs temporary heating or cooling, and the amount of power available at the site. All of this goes into the final price so that you can walk away with a reasonable and customizable quote.

Renting equipment takes up too much time

Renting versus buying may take up a little bit more of your time initially. You need to, of course, sign the paperwork and schedule times to drop off and pick up what you need. However, in the grand scheme of things, you may, in fact, save yourself time by investing in an HVAC rental system. Based on research conducted at Cornell University, studies have shown that worker productivity is enhanced when the temperature is set at 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

If purchasing is out of the question, consider renting to keep productivity levels high.

What if the rental breaks?

It may be easy to think of rentals as unreliable. After all, it’s not your unit. However, know you will always be in good hands. If your unit isn’t working properly, speak to the rental company about seeking a replacement or repair. This process is a lot smoother and cost-effective than repurchasing every time something goes wrong while at the site.


As a project manager, you have many responsibilities and duties. One of the biggest is providing a safe and comfortable environment for your workers. If you’ve been stressed and torn between utilizing an HVAC rental service for temporary cooling for your next project, don’t be.

Though there are several misconceptions surrounding the renting process, throw those out the window and know this is one of the best decisions you can make for the time efficiency and productivity of your employees.

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