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How Office Temperature Can Play a Part in Employee Output

Picture this: You’re at work and it’s absolutely freezing inside. You try so hard to get all of your tasks done, but you can’t due to the fact that you’re shivering non-stop. You feel like there’s nothing else you can think of other than the fact that it’s too cold.

Think this is happening to just you? Well, chances are if you’re cold in the office, everyone else is as well. Employee productivity tends to slip if the indoor temperature is too uncomfortable, making it hard to have a successful business.

Numerous studies have explored whether or not office temperature plays a role in employee productivity. Numerous studies have found that employees using keyboards can work better and make fewer errors if the temperature is set to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. OSHA standards say that the minimum recommended indoor workplace temperature is 68 degrees and the maximum is 76 degrees. There are no temperature control standards for businesses that operate outdoors. A lot of workplaces tend to have their heat set at 66 degrees. Some businesses claim that they have their temperature so low to keep the computers and hardware safe. Of course, it’s important to remember that an office isn’t just made up of computers. So, if you own a business and notice that your employee’s output could be better, take a look at your thermostat.

The simplest solution to this temperature problem is to either lower it or raise it up. Speak to employees and find out which temperature they would feel the most comfortable with at each time of the year. Now, not everyone is going to feel the exact same way about the temperature. So, if there are employees who get too cold, encourage them to bring a jacket or sweater to work. You can even work with a temporary cooling or temporary heating unit to help resolve some issues.

Using a temporary cooling or temporary heating unit can be helpful as it can be placed anywhere throughout the office. If there are a group of people in one room who are comfortable, but those in another room are too hot, consider bringing in a temporary cooling unit. You can get rental air conditioners or rental heaters, depending on your needs, from an HVAC rental company like Total Construction Rentals. Total Construction Rentals is your answer to office happiness and productivity.

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