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Old Building? Try These 3 Tips to Improving the Air Quality

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If you work in an older building, you know the challenges associated with updating the space — more importantly, your workers don’t enjoy the musty smell. Here are three tips to battle bad air in your office building.

1. Rip out that old carpet
It’s important to clean carpets regularly, but this is a task that is often overlooked. Carpets not only harbor dust, they can hold onto bacteria, pollutants, and molds that are detrimental to the health and productivity of your workforce. In an old building, this is especially important. While you might be able to clean the carpet, buying a new one and airing it out with an HVAC rental is the best way to eliminate threats to your employees. If you haven’t already, consider tearing up the old carpet and making way for something new. While you’re at it, donate any old couches or other upholstered furniture, as long as it’s still in working condition.

2. Rent a dehumidifier
Dehumidifiers are essential in any building that resides in a humid area: this includes those locations on the coast, in the south, any rainy locations, or underground residences. While your building may not experience humidity on a daily basis, utilizing an HVAC rental for your old building will help improve the old, stagnant air and reduce the musty smell. You also won’t need to worry about storage associated with owning a big dehumidifier — a rental dehumidifier can simply be returned after use. Not only does this tool cut down on the levels of mold and mildew in your workplace, the HVAC rental will increase employee productivity.

3. Buy some plants
If you’re looking for a “natural” kind of HVAC rental, look no further than your friendly house plant — these plants can lower the pollutant levels in the air and help the symptoms associated with a musty building. In fact, respiration issues can decrease by 35% after plants are introduced to the office space. It’s recommended to place a plant in your office every 100 feet or so to get the best benefits. Plants are also a great way to “spruce” up a boring office and make for a more welcoming work environment.

While you might not think a little must is bad for you, poor air quality can interfere with worker productivity; in fact, improved air quality can boost the performance and productivity of your employees by 9%. Keep your workers, your customers, and yourself healthy and happy by utilizing an HVAC rental today. Improved ventilation options can make your old building feel, and smell, like new again.

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