Propane Vs Electric Heaters: Which Is Best For Your Construction Site?

Now that winter is upon us, heat is more important than ever. The construction industry is always working, and some projects are even better suited for winter weather. If you’re going to keep up morale in frigid and freezing temperatures and storms, ensuring that your workforce has a constant and reliable source of heat is your number one concern. However, there are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to rental heaters: temporary heating for construction comes in the form of electric, gas, and propane heater rentals, but just which one is the best for you?


The Pros of Propane

Propane heaters are a good choice for several reasons. Their portability allows them to function well in temporary structures. For example, even if construction isn’t being performed outdoors, there needs to be a separate location for materials — concrete, two-by-fours, and any equipment that may be required are often kept in nearby tents or shelters. Since these buildings are made to be dismantled after the work is completed, they aren’t equipped with heating capabilities. Propane tanks fit nicely wherever they’re needed.


In addition to being an excellent backup solution should your main system fail, propane heater rentals come in a variety of sizes, types, and designs. You’ll have control over how much heat you want and how long the heaters need to run for in order to guarantee that no worker is left out in the cold.


Electric Extras

If construction is taking place where outlets are available, you may want to consider an electric heater rental. They are powerful (capable of producing up to 6000 watts of energy, equating to over 20,000 BTUs), making them a great choice in large, open spaces. However, in terms of the flexibility sometimes required in the construction field, they may not be the best fit; once you’re done in one area, you may realize that the next one does not possess outlets and a secondary source of heat needs to be established.


Staying warm is more than just about comfort; if the body’s internal temperature falls before 95 degrees Fahrenheit, hypothermia will occur. If you supply a steady and safe heating solution through electric or proprane heaters to rent, your workforce will be happier and healthier.


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