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Stay Warm With These 5 Heating Options For Your Construction Site

Temporary Construction Heaters

Construction never stops. It carries on throughout freezing winds, pounding rain, and endless snow. Although these conditions can hinder productivity (such as through the accidental freezing of materials, concrete that won’t cure, or uncomfortable workers), there are plenty of rental heaters available to choose from. Here are five of them.


  • Direct Fired Heaters: This type of heater is considered the most practical and the most affordable temporary heating solution; through the use of an open flame and some form of flammable gas, air is heated and distributed throughout the space (occasionally with ducts so the heater can be located several feet away from the working area). They are very efficient and some can even run in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit, making them favored among construction workers at winter sites. Hypothermia (which occurs when the body’s internal temperature drops below 95 degrees Fahrenheit) is a risk in such locations, and direct fired heaters, such as propane heater rentals, are excellent at keeping workers warm and focused.


  • Indirect Fired Heaters: These types of rental heaters are ideal for places where clean air is vital (like hospitals or industrial facilities): they draw cool air into two different chambers and discharge clean, heated air to the desired workspace. Though they are more complicated and therefore less efficient, money can be saved through the recirculation of hot air which results in a reduction in fuel usage.


  • Electric Heaters: Electric heaters are the best choice when you need to heat small areas, or need to produce dry heat. Though they don’t produce fumes and minimize your carbon footprint, they are very costly.


  • Convection Heaters: Finding temporary heating for construction when you have no power source (or when natural gas cannot be used for safety reasons) can sound impossible. However, convection heaters are perfect for the job as they run on propane and are extremely mobile. Though they can heat areas very quickly and are quite economical, an HVAC rental will most likely be required due to the fact that convection heaters need proper ventilation.


  • Hydronic Heaters: Concrete contractors favor hydronic rental heaters because they are one of the fastest ways to create an environment in which concrete can cure. The system heats an alcohol mixture that is then pumped through heater hoses in the area needed to thaw or keep hot; the hoses are covered with a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from escaping into the air.


No matter what your construction needs are, there is a temporary heating solution out there that’s perfect for the job.

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