Temporary Heating Solutions: How They Can Benefit Your Business

There is something to be said about being comfortable — despite what the temperature is outside. When you are dealing with extreme temperatures, it can affect productivity both at home and in the workplace. Extremely hot conditions can make it hard to work efficiently without becoming overheated. On the other hand, extremely cold conditions can also make it hard to focus. Regulating temperatures can be difficult when working outdoors, but regulating the temperature indoors is relatively simple and often necessary.

According to OSHA standards, an indoor workplace should have a temperature between 68 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit — no matter what the temperature is outdoors. This doesn’t seem like seem an impossible task for many, but there are instances when it could become a problem. When a sudden cold front comes through, for example, working in poorly insulated buildings or dealing with a broken or malfunctioning heating system can wreak havoc and put employees at risk. When things beyond your control affect the heating inside your office, consider what benefits temporary heating solutions can do.

Increased Productivity

Have you ever tried to work when your hands are cold? It can make even the smallest of tasks more time consuming. Writing and even typing takes considerably more effort than they do when your hands are comfortable. Things like dialing a phone or punching keys on a calculator can become hard when you are not in a warm environment.

This is when temporary heating solutions, such as rental heaters, can come in handy. These portable heating units will provide warmth wherever they are placed. This will allow your employees to focus on the task they are working on, rather than trying to keep their hands warm. It can eliminate breaks to go get more warm drinks, as well.

Improvement For Construction Sites

Everyone knows that those who work outdoors are exposed to the elements, so it’s no surprise that sometimes those elements include extreme heat and extreme cold. When the weather is hot, there are a few things that can be done to cool off and avoid heat exhaustion, but what about extreme cold? It can be almost impossible to apply enough layers over the body, head, and hands to still be able to work properly. Some of the headgear required for warmth could interfere with safety equipment, such as ear protection and hard hats. Hammering, holding nails, screwing in fasteners, and other common construction tasks can become difficult with layers of gloves on to keep hands warm. When the external temperatures begin to get so cold that they interfere with job performance, it may be time to consider temporary heating for construction sites. Propane heater rentals can provide the necessary temporary warmth through cold snaps so that your employees stay productive.

Protection of Materials

Aside from keeping your employees comfortable, some construction jobs require certain temperatures in order for the job to be performed correctly. A cold snap with freezing temperatures could mean trouble for your contractors. If drywall or tape and texture are included in your project, then you want to ensure that the temperature is warm enough. This will ensure that the materials set properly once applied. Painted walls will dry better if the walls are warm when the paint is applied, as well. If painting is on the to-do list, then the temperature needs to be maintained to keep the paint from becoming too thick to apply. Freezing temperatures can affect how some equipment works on the site as well. Keeping the temperature at a comfortable operating temperature will help your employees, your equipment as well as your materials.

You may find yourself needing temporary heating because the heating unit in your workplace is not working properly. You may need it because the temperature outside is just too cold for the worksite. Temporary heating is not a permanent solution to heating problems. It can be beneficial to those places that are not prone to freezing temperatures and run into problems when an unusual cold snap does arrive. This is especially true if the cold snap catches them off guard. Don’t be caught off guard and allow your employees to suffer; know your options just in case you ever need to use them.

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