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The Advantages Of Portable Air Conditioners

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HVAC rentals are an option for those who do not need, or have the finances, to buy a new built in HVAC system. Renting an air conditioner is a course of action both homeowners and business owners can take advantage of. If you want to avoid becoming overheated in the hot summer, an HVAC rental may be right for you.

HVAC Rentals For Offices

If you are a small business owner and you have a relatively small office space for which installing a permanent HVAC system is not financially feasible, then renting a portable air conditioner can keep you cool when the long summer days heat up.

Note: Heat exhaustion, heat cramps and heat stroke are three related heat related illnesses caused by overheating.

Be the hero to your employees who will appreciate the comfort an air conditioner will provide. They will be happier and more productive because of you.

You may not have a choice in the matter if you are a business owner due to your contractual obligations with the owner of the building. A portable air conditioner rental may be your best option for keeping cool due to your landlord’s rules and regulations against permanent installations and improvements.

Renting Versus Owning

Owning an air conditioner comes with the same pros and cons of owning any big purchase. You are tasked with the maintenance it requires and you still have to make payments even if the weather allows you to turn your AC off. HVAC rentals allow you a temporary expense for when the weather is hot, and you are not stuck with the costs of running and maintaining an air conditioner when conditions are temperate. If the unit needs maintenance, the HVAC rental company will fix or replace the unit for you.

Central Air Versus Portable Air Conditioners

Central HVAC systems have their advantages. They typically move more air and regulate controlled temperatures better over several rooms.

Portable or mobile air conditioners do not need to be professionally installed. Energy efficient mobile units give you more cool air per dollar than does a traditional central air conditioner. Portable air conditioners and portable heaters better direct air in the room you’re in, finding the corners and the areas that are harder to cool and heat better than a built in air conditioner or heater.

HVAC rental companies offer you the option of not only HVAC rentals, but other types of temperature and air management units. If the air in your home or business is muggy and humid, a dehumidifier rental could bring you comfort. In addition to a portable air conditioner rental, you have the option of a heater rental as well. Search for “portable air conditioner rentals near me” for options and prices.

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