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Ways The Extreme Weather Affects Productivity On The Job Site

temporary heatingDo you hear those winds howling as the Northeast gets colder? We’re certainly no strangers to intense winter weather patterns as the season presses on, but jobs still need to get done. The construction industry rarely flinches in the face of extreme weather, both hot and cold, but we’d all be lying if we said harsh weather didn’t take a toll on productivity.

Cornell University did a study that found productivity levels are highest at a temperature of 71.6 degrees. Well, we can surely tell you that we’re not going to be seeing numbers like that for several months, so temporary heating for construction sites is your best option. Which you have us for.

The trouble is, a lot of construction sites choose to opt out of temporary heating and temporary cooling. Why? We’re not sure. What we do know is that extreme weather adversely affects productivity enough to make it worth mentioning, so let’s dig in.

  • Worker efficiency: When weather is either too cold or too hot, people’s physical bodies begin to shift from comfort to survival. It sounds extreme, but biologically our bodies are programmed to defend themselves when external conditions are extreme. Add physical labor and this effect is multiplied. When the body is focused on that, you can be sure the mind isn’t prioritizing getting a job done.
  • Equipment and materials: We rarely have power over what nature throws at us. We do, however, have power over our construction equipment and building materials. If extreme weather is predicted, it’s prudent to store those things as close to possible in optimum conditions. This helps a great deal in avoiding costly delays, breakdowns, etc.
  • Time: In a nutshell, extreme weather conditions cost time. When projects take longer, they cost more, there’s more room for injury, error, the list goes on. Forgive the pun, but these effects snowball the more you allow something like freezing temperatures get to you because you wanted to save a couple bucks instead of getting propane heater rentals. Don’t be fooled, you’re losing more than you think.

We know the nature of construction work and respect the mettle of the business. We still want you to be comfortable. Whether it’s freezing and you’re huddled around rental heaters or it’s a heatwave and a temporary cooling system is keeping the sweat off your brow, we’ve got you covered. A job in comfort gets the job well done.

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