Why Unchecked Humidity is Disastrous at a Construction Site

Anyone in construction knows that projects can go sideways for any number of reasons. Adaptation is important. But do you know the extent to which ambient humidity can throw off a whole project? Do you know how easy solutions like portable air conditioner rentals can make your job finish on time and budget even when it feels like nature is fighting you? Here are some common problems from humid construction sites and possible simple solutions.

  1. Problem: Certain building materials aren’t made to perform at their best in heat or humidity. This could mean protective coats don’t cure correctly, or wood materials can warp. Some material and product warranties could be voided by the manufacturer even if they weren’t usable simply because the because they were used in environmental conditions that didn’t fit manufacturer specifications for the product.

    Solution:This can really only be solved with proper air conditioning. If the area of the job site is difficult to air condition by usual means, a small temporary cooling system could be fairly easily set up in a closed-off space like a tent. Although a solution that dehumidifies would be most valuable in these example situations, a rental air conditioner would help with the tendency for high temperatures to accelerate the damage humidity can do.
  2. Problem: Excess humidity can promote nasty mold growth.

    Solution: Double check that all materials are not wet or damp throughout construction. Keep your storage time for materials to a short a time as possible before they’re used to minimize their potential exposure to mold, and use a tarp or other protective covering. Use a moisture meter to check materials before use. Building is best done in a dry environment; mold can grow in most temperatures between 40 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so a temporary cooling function may not be necessary, but some form of dehumidifier is absolutely necessary if you anticipate a mold problem. Dehumidifier rentals are as easy to secure and use as an AC unit rental.
  3. Problem: Even though OSHA has no temperature control standards for businesses that operate outdoors, your workers are feeling sluggish and maybe even ill from excess heat and humidity on their job site.

    Solution: Healthy and comfortable workers means a job is getting done to the best of their ability. It’s sound business sense and good empathy to make sure your workers’ conditions are bearable. Even if cooling and dehumidifying solutions aren’t possible in their particular job site, make sure break times are being allocated wisely and that plenty of fresh water is available to keep workers from becoming dehydrated. Check possible slippery work surface for safety when in humid temperatures to avoid an accident or injury.

All of these complications can lead to a final project-killer: budgetary issues
If the build process itself is taking longer or needs more materials or re-do’s, the money will add up. More cost can mean a disappointed client and less profit. If this sounds like a construction nightmare you’d like to avoid, trust that Total Construction Rentals has a temporary cooling and dehumidifying solution that will work for your needs.

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