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Why You Should Rent HVAC for Special Events

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If you have a big upcoming event with lots of people, you may want to consider a type of HVAC rentals. Some things you can rent are dehumidifiers, heating, cooling, and ventilation. Whether the event is indoors, in a tented outdoor location, or in an open outdoor location, rental air conditioning units are a great solution. Here are some of the events where HVAC rentals will have a great effect on the comfort of your guests.

Outdoor Events in Tents

If you’re planning an event outside, you may need to rent a portable air conditioner to control the temperature. Even in the milder seasons, air conditioning is sometimes necessary to ensure that all of your guests are comfortable. These AC rentals come in many sizes that will be the perfect option for your event. Especially for important events like weddings, you don’t want people to get overheated or be too cold.

Sporting Events

When you have an outdoor sporting event, you’re at the mercy of the elements. The comfort of the players and spectators is sure to be of concern, especially during the hot summer months and colder winter months. Portable AC and heater rentals are the perfect solutions for temporary, on-the-spot temperature control. Heat is very dangerous with sports with physical activity. Heat exhaustion is one of three heat-related syndromes — heat cramps are the mildest and heatstroke is the most extreme.

Festivals and Fairs

Because most festivals, fairs, and concerts happen in the summer, there is a risk of it being too hot. These events are planned far in advance and can’t be changed because of the weather. Ventilation, fans, and portable AC systems are the perfect way to help everyone stay cool at the event. They can also be used to prevent equipment from overheating as well.

Whether you need to keep your guests comfortable in the heat of summer or cool of winter, or you’re looking for a party rental solution to ensure that your event runs smoothly, use HVAC rentals for your event. To get started on an HVAC rental for your next event, contact us today!

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