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Working Hard? Here Are 3 Necessary Tools To Stay Comfortable In Spite Of The Heat

portable air conditioners near meA day of hard work is made even worse with the blazing sun burning overhead. If your workers are struggling to perform in the intense heat, here are some ways to make them more comfortable and improve their performance.

Make sure the dress code is reasonable

While it’s important to represent your brand, you can’t expect your employees to dress in button-down shirts in 90-degree heat. Making special accommodations for employees in hot conditions is the best way to ensure their safety and comfort. Make sure they wear the appropriate safety clothing (ie. reflective gear, masks, etc.), but don’t expect everyone to thrive in heavy jackets.

Get a portable, rental air conditioner

This is especially important if your field of work demands you and your employees move locations frequently. Sure, having a proper HVAC system in your office is great, but your employees on the field will need a little extra love and support through the form of cold, cold comfort.

Employee productivity peaks around 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Portable air conditioner rentals are a great benefit to employees where physical effort is necessary, you work in confined spaces, or you perform manual labor. Forms of temporary cooling are easy to move and work hard to ensure your employees remain comfortable. When temperatures soar on a hot summer day, “portable air conditioner rentals near me” should be the first thing you search for.

Get a dehumidifier

High temperatures often go hand in hand with high humidity. Opting for a dehumidifier rental will ensure your employees are more productive. It will also remove any excess moisture that could damage the task at hand. For construction companies, dehumidifiers play an important role in preventing moisture damage and mold accumulation.

These tools are great ways to ensure your employees are safe and comfortable on the move. While you provide the equipment, it’s still important to inform your employees of the dangers of dehydration and heat stroke.

High temperatures can result in heat stroke, poor job performance, and on-the-job accidents. Keep your employees safe by looking for “portable air conditioner rentals near me” when you want to beat the heat.

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